Elton John “All Across the Havens” , “Just Like Strange Rain”

All Across the Havens e  Just like Strange Rain  – U.S.A. Takrl 1946 e Takrl 1944  – Lato a) Funeral for a Friend/Love lies Bleeding, Candle in the Wind, Grimsby, Crocodile Rock; Lato b) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Grey Seal, Don’t let… Read More

Allan Holdsworth ” L.A. Country Club, April 1984″

L.A. Country Club April 1984 – Giappone , ETS 2552/53/54/55 – Lato a) Shallow Sea/ Tokyo Dream/ Road Games/ White Line. Lato b) Panic Stations/ Letters of Marque. Lato c) Devil Take the Hindmost/ Home/ Material Real/ Metal… Read More

Led Zeppelin “LIVE”

LIVE – , Giappone, nessuna matrice, Lato a) Over the Hills and far away/ Misty Mountain Hop/ Since I’ve been loving You/ Bron-Y-aur-Stomp. Lato b) Dancing Days/ Song remains the same/ The Rain Song/ Stand by Me –… Read More

Genesis “A Living Story”

A Living Story – Big Thumb Records PG 1300 – U.S.A. 1978. Lato A) Squonk/ All in a Mouse’s night (seconda edizione) – In that Quiet Earth (prima edizione)/ Afterglow/ Eleventh Earl of Mar. Lato B) One for the… Read More

Deep Purple “Purple Storm”

Purple Storm – DP 023 Europa. Lato a) Hush/ Kentucky Woman/ Mandrake Root/ Help. Lato b) Wring That Neck/ River Deep Mountain High/Hey Joe – Inglewood, California, USA, 18 Ottobre 1968 Il post è stato corretto dagli errori contenuti,… Read More

Emerson Lake and Palmer “Celestial Doggie: The Lobster Quadrille”

Celestial Doggie: the Lobster Quadrille – Phonygraf Records ELP 1/4 U.S.A. 1975/6 .Lato a) Tarkus (Eruption, Stone of Years, Iconoclast, Mass, Manticore, Battlefield (including Epitaph), Aquatarkus). Lato b) The Endless Enigma pt.1/ Fugue/ The Endless Enigma pt.2/ The… Read More

Grateful Dead “Felt Forum Dec. 5, 1971”

Felt Forum Dec. 5, 1971 – Berkeley Records 101 U.S.A. Lato a) Gone are the days/ I Wash my Hands/ We can Shine/ Tennesse Lato b) Cosmic Charley told me so/ El Paso/ Only Love can Fill/ Saturday Night/… Read More

King Crimson “Un revè sans consequence speciale”

Un Rève Sans Consequence Speciale – Takrl 1928 U.S.A. Lato A: Medley: the Mincer-the Talking Drum-Lark’s Tongues in Aspic pt.2/ Exile. Lato B: Easy Money/ Lament/ Book of Saturday/ 21st Century Schizoid Man. Live at the Concertgebow di Amsterdam il… Read More

Black Sabbath “Live in Brussel 1970”

Live in Brussel 1970 – Far Out Records Out 1004 Europa. Lato A: Paranoid/ War Pigs/ Iron Man/ Black Sabbath Lato B: N.I.B./ Behind the Wall of Sleep/ Hand of Doom/ Rat Salad/ Fairies Wear Boots. Live at Theatre 140,… Read More

The Who “Who’s on first”

Who’s on First – Idle Mind Production IMP 1111 U.S.A.  Lato A: Can’t Explain/ Substitute/ My Wife/ Baba O’Riley/ Squeeze Box; Lato B: Behind Blue Eyes/ Dreaming From The Waist/ Magic Bus/ Glow Girl*/ Tommy*; Lato C: Amazing Journey/Sparks/ The… Read More