Goblin “Teatro Nuovo Torino 1975”

Goblin – Teatro Nuovo Torino 1975: Europa (senza numero di catalogo); dubplate trasparente. Side a) Death Dies/ Cold Summer/ Mad Puppet Side b) Goblin/ Il Risveglio del Serpente/ Profondo Rosso. Dal vivo al Teatro Nuovo di Torino il… Read More

Van Halen “Lemme get on all that”

Van Halen – Lemme get on all that: Gothic Tapes, Europe (senza numero di catalogo); dubplate trasparente in 30 copie numerate. Side a) Can’t this be love/ Poundcake/ Panama/ Ultra bass-Purple haze. Side b) Unchained/ Ain’t talking ’bout… Read More

Mahavishnu Orchestra “Electric Dance”

Electric Dance: Gothic Tapes, Europe, (senza numero di catalogo) ; dubplate trasparente in 30 copie numerate. Side a) Meeting of the Spirits/ Open Country Joy. Side b) The dance of Maya/ Dawn-Celestial Terrestrial Commuters. Live at Palace Theatre,… Read More

Nirvana “Slipping faraway from myself”

Slipping faraway from myself – Gothic Tapes, Europe, (senza numero di catalogo); dubplate trasparente, 30 copie numerate. Lato a) Come as you are/ Smell like teen spirit/ In Bloom/ About a girl. Side b) Lithium/ Polly/ All Apologies/… Read More

Deep Purple “Made in U.S.A.”

Made in U.S.A. – Gothic Tapes, Europe (senza numero di catalogo). Lato A: Speed King/ Strange kind of Woman. Lato B: Child in Time. Live at Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, U.S.A., January 28 1972 Il titolo ci… Read More

Mike Oldfield “Celtic Bell”

Celtic Bell – Gothic Tapes, Europe (senza numero di catalogo). Lato A: Tubular Bells Pt.1. Lato B: Tubular Bells Pt.2/ Ommadawn. Live at RDS Main Hall, Dublin, Ireland on May, 31 1980. Per una larga fascia di pubblico, la lunga… Read More

Pink Floyd “Springtime ’round N.Y.C.” Part. 1-2-3

Springtime ‘round N.Y.C. pt.1/2/3 – Europe , Gothic Tapes (senza numero di catalogo) – Part.1: Lato a) Astronomy Domine/Grantchester Meadows. Lato b) Green is the Colour/ Careful with that Axe, Eugene.  Part.2: Lato a) The Embryo.  Lato b)… Read More

Jethro Tull “Nothing is Easy”

Nothing is Easy – Trade Mark of Quality records TMOQ 71030. U.S.A. 1972. Lato A) Nothing is Easy, To cry you a song, Aqualung, Cross Eyed Mary; Lato B) Wind Up, Locomotive Breath – Live in Concert in 1972 unknown venue… Read More

Jethro Tull “Flute Cake”

Flute Cake – Trade Mark of Quality records TMOQ 71044. U.S.A. 1972. Lato a)Nothing is Easy, My God, We used to know; Lato b) Wish you were there to help me, A song for Jeffrey, Sossity, you’re a woman… Read More

Pink Floyd “Welcome to the Machine”

Welcome to the Machine – The Swingin’ Pig Records TSP 061. Europa 1990 Lato a) 1 Shine on you crazy diamond parts 1-5, Welcome to the Machine, Have a cigar; Lato B)Wish you were here, Shine on you crazy… Read More